Artists of Made in Warren

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Mary Edwards
Matthew Soule
Fine wood work
Renee Brooks
Sculptural Pottery
Beth Adoette
Pencil drawings, Photographry of "contemplative, sacred circles"
Sarah A Hess
Paper Jewelry
Martin Bierer
Photography Tiles
Jim Chlebecek
Bridget Snow
Oil Paintings
Ed McAloon
Mixed media, driftwood, sculpture and metal
Wendy Overly
Textile arts
Laurel Gaylord
Mixed media, stylized and contemporary realism
Suzanne Lewis
Wayne Fuerst
Ceramic Vessels & Artisan Paper
Allison Kirkman
Dolls and recycled sweater fish pillows
Ruth Billings
Diana Cole
Stained Glass & Mosaics
Christine Tanson
Kenneth Vieira
Metal Jewelry
Brenda Gaudette
Rose Esson-Dawson
Wood-fired Ceramics
Ralph Gossler
Pen & Ink Drawings
Andrea Austin
Artisan Jewelry
Christopher Foster
Sculptural & Traditional Stained Glass
Kristin Aylward
Artisan Jewelry
Elizabeth O'Connell
Watercolor Paintings & Cards
Megan Douglas
Functional Pottery
Tracey Tisler
Sterling Silver Jewelry With Stones
Lisa Elliott
Handwoven Shawls
Erika Wolf Houghton
Functional Ceramic Sculptures
Matthew Finger
Geometric Paintings
Allysen Callergy
Folk Singer
Elwood Donnelly
Traditional American musician
John Udvardy
Paul Rocha
Diana Cole
Musician, Poet
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John Udvardy